Expert sales teams and flexible manufacturing at Kawasaki Plant
The Kawasaki Plant functions as a mobile yard for sorting special alloy scrap and rare metal scrap to create production input materials for manufacturers of specialty steel and super-alloy products. It also coordinates trade and exchange rate business in connection with domestic and international sales and import-export trading. The Kawasaki Plant monitors demand trends and market developments in relation to a wide variety of metal scrap materials and incorporates the resulting information into quality checking, packaging and shipment operations. The facility is ideally located for scrap metal processing, with convenient access to major ports in the Kanto region as well as the Tokyo expressway Bayshore Route.



Titanium recycling at Naoetsu Plant

The Naoetsu Plant employs the strictest quality control procedures for sourcing high-grade titanium scrap and producing high-quality titanium materials to a wide range of client specifications. Recycling and processing systems convert scrap into high-quality production materials that conform to the specifications of manufacturer. Titanium recycling and processing is a key component of Showa Metal’s overall operations, and the Naoetsu Plant is the largest facility of its kind in all of Asia with the highest processing capacity. As such, processed scrap from Showa Metal has been designated as the preferred metal melt material by numerous titanium ingot manufactures in Japan and overseas.